To play with your dog!


Dogs are the quintessential pets, although it is true that pets are increasingly varied (which allows a better adaptation to the lifestyle of each person), the claim that the dog is man's best friend It is based on the great emotional bond that we can create with dogs and how this fact can enrich our life in an extraordinary way.

For this reason, dogs deserve our best care, aimed not only to prevent disease, but to cover all their needs and allow them to have an optimal quality of life.

In this Animal Expert article we give you ideas so you can interact more with your pet and ensure its complete well-being, and we do it by showing you diverse 5 games to play with your dog at home.

Games to avoid stress

Although at first we find it hard to believe, dogs are very susceptible to stress It is very sensitive animals. Stress in dogs can be caused by several factors, such as lack of play, lack of physical exercise, loneliness, lack of interaction with other animals or lack of sufficient attention from the human family.

If our dog suffers stress, he will manifest it as follows:

  • He is nervous and easily startles at the minimum external stimulus
  • Their behavior manifests important changes, can be shy and reserved or develop aggressive behavior towards other animals or people
  • You can't relax and your sleeping hours decrease
  • You can stop interacting with your owners and show lethargy
  • You may have a bowel movement and urinate inside the home as a manifestation of your nervous state

If your dog shows these symptoms we recommend you go to the veterinarian, however, we also indicate that to prevent and treat this situation you should properly stimulate your pet, and one of the best methods to achieve this is dog games.

A game that works like a charm To reduce stress and separation anxiety is the use of kong, a toy that rewards the intelligence of the dog and that you can buy here.

The infinite possibilities>

To start with the first canine game options only we will need a cardboard box, yes, it must be a clean, rigid and wide enough box for our dog to fit inside.

We can place the box in a large place in our home, if possible where there are not many objects that can interact with the dog as obstacles, and then, the fun begins, since a simple cardboard box contains numerous game possibilities .

Here we show you Some examples:

  • Placing a treat as a prize inside the box you will get your dog to discover it and be able to get inside it, discovering that this can be a great hiding place. In addition, you will be able to exercise it physically.
  • Another way to get our dog to interact with the box is by showing a toy to which it is attached, which we will later hide inside the box.
  • We can also hide the toys along the reverse path, that is, place the toys inside the box and allow your dog to entertain them, then hide them in some corner of your home and let him look for them.

A very funny option for the cardboard box is that it is wide enough for we can also enter, in this way we are playing completely with our dog, and this will motivate him. Using the positive reinforcement with treats for dogs, clicker or hugs will make our pet enjoy even more.

Play hide and seek with smell

The sense of smell of a dog is extraordinary, in fact, it is the sense that less deteriorates with the passage of age, so this game is exceptional to continue stimulating elderly dogs. We must take advantage that the dog's snout has millions of olfactory receptors to stimulate its cognition.

To start this game we must only have air fresheners, fruits or any object with a smell (always ensuring that the dog does not ingest any substance that could be toxic), the ideal is to use odors that are unknown to our dog.

First we will let it sniff the object for a while, then, we will hide it in some corner and he must look for itWhile you are in this search, we will be stimulating your nervous system.

We can also use the searching if we don't care if the floor is somewhat dirty. It consists of spreading food for the dog to look for and relax. Although it is preferable to do it abroad we can also do it indoors with puppies or elderly dogs.

Catching the toy

This game is very fun and the most important thing is that it allows the dog exercise physically and stay active. It is perfect for rainy days.

We will only need a toy that is attractive to our pet, a stick, and a rope that is at least one meter long.

The game runs as follows:

  • We tie the rope to one end of the stick and at the end of the rope we must tie the toy.
  • We hold the stick and hide behind a column, wall or door, letting the toy tied to the rope rest on the floor.
  • We began to move the toy slightly at ground level to capture the attention of our pet.
  • Once our dog has decided to go to explore the toy, then we can move the stick in different ways and intensify the movement, so that the dog will be very entertaining and excited.

Finally one nice reward for our friend It will unleash the toy and grant you all the freedom to experiment with it.

Will you leave me your toy?

This game will allow our pet to be in a state of alertness and maintain an optimal physical condition. We only need a toy that is attractive to him and especially whose touch is soft, since it is important that at no time you run the risk of being able to hurt the animal's teeth.

We will allow our dog to play freely until we decide to remove the toy, obviously, our pet will not leave us and here start a fun strip and grab game which also, we can incorporate many movements to allow our pet more physical exercise. If you have several dogs, don't doubt that this will work.

Musical game to relax

Playing with our dog not only has to have the function of stimulating or exciting it, but it can also be an excellent way to relax it.

The popular saying tells us that music tames the beasts, and it is right, in fact, the music therapy effects They are diverse, positive and well demonstrated.

To relax your dog through music you only need follow these simple steps:

  • Find a surface where your dog can lie comfortably and relax
  • Stay by his side, as he calms down you can fill him with affection
  • Put music on, dogs can love music that incorporates howls of wolves or other sounds of wild animals, this will stimulate your brain while keeping you relaxed

After five minutes you can see how your dog has changed and is completely calm. Discover also how to practice yoga with your dog.

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How to play with your dog

Playing is important for the dog to feel loved and for his emotional and physical well-being. Here are some tips to make playing with your dog a pleasure for both of you:

  • Tug of war. This is a game that your dog will love, because it is innate the desire in them to want to throw with their mouth everything they see and everything they want. For this game you should look for a long toy or stuffed animal that you can hold on one end and your dog on the other. In addition to a game, this method will help you teach your dog voice commands such as "take it" or "release it."
  • Throw objects. This is another innate attitude of dogs: running after everything that flies or after everything that moves. There is not much to explain about how to play this with your pet. Show him an object, make sure he follows it with his eyes and throw it waiting for him to run to look for it. The hardest thing is to return it to you, but this will be a good opportunity>

Other tips to play with your dog

Buy toys for your dog. Although dogs love to run and jump, having toys is something that drives them crazy. Give that treat to your dog! But how to choose the right toy?

  • Active toys. These are those that allow your dog to run after them, bite them and finally destroy them. There is a wide range to choose from and it will be your dog who guides you to your tastes.
  • Soft toys. Do not choose toys that are too hard because they could damage your teeth. These should be adapted to improve your teeth but at the same time to entertain them instead of immersing them in a torture.
  • Distracting toys These may be a bit more expensive, but they are excellent for your pet's mental agility and entertainment. They usually have a kind of small dome in which they enclose a treat or anything else that they love. They are those that make the dog active and make him think about how to get what toy he contains.
  • Alternate the toys. Dogs usually get bored quickly of everything, so finding 3 or 4 toys that they love will help you to alternate them every day and prevent your pet from falling into boredom.

These are just some suggestions for you to play with your dog, but surely you can think of many others with a little effort. Play with your dog, dedicate time and make him a happy dog.

To be on the right side of the game, here are the rules:

  • Never make your dog angry while playing the rope or rag. The dog can confuse the game with something dangerous where he must defend himself.
  • Do not let your dog play biting objects that it should not. Everything that bites will become a habit for him.
  • If you have a puppy that enjoys biting people's ankles, never shake your feet to try to free yourself from their bite. That will only awaken his hunting and prey instinct and will stimulate him further to continue biting. Just stay still until you lose interest.
  • Do not let your dog jump on you. That will make it difficult to teach people not to jump.
  • Allow your dog to have free access to 3 or 4 toys that he can bite and with which he can play alone.
  • Save the super toys (or your favorite toy) for use when you play with him.
  • Never chase him with an object in his mouth. It can be funny at first but it is a practice that will become something really annoying and you will only get your dog to never give you things.
  • If you detect that any of his toys obsesses or over stimulates him, exchange him for one that does not alter him so much. It is not good to encourage obsessive rituals.
  • When you see that a toy does not interest you as much as before, exchange it for a new one and the previous one, keep it for a while. It will regain value when it rediscovers it.
  • Use the game to reward your good behaviors.

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Hello Pat. I really like playing with my dogs ... the teether loves them! but I have the problem that I have to play with them separately because they tend to mosque a little if I play with both of them at the same time… they “bite” each other to take the toy. They don't get to fight, but my yosi dog, the eldest, growls at him and Selu starts barking and I have to stop. What do you advise me? The truth is that with a dog it is only easier ... with two you have to take many more things into account ...

Hi Noelia! I from you, and well, it's what I do with mine. First I teach them to play individually, accepting the end, start, activate and deactivate. When you have that, you can start playing with both of them, but at low levels, don't get too excited. There are also other games that you can do with both. For example, olfactory games that will boost your calm much more than with active play 🙂

Thanks Pat. Of course, with those of smell no problem hehe, or with the interactive bottle-type with prizes ... I will follow your advice, play first one at a time. Do you know what happens? It seems that Yosi is only motivated when he sees me play with Selu ... (ayyyy. jejejej). Thank you.

Sure! they love to play with their canine and human compis at the same time 🙂


You will have heard me speak more than once that my goal is for my dogs to think that life is a game. And as difficult as the exercise they are doing, take it as a game.

That's what this challenge is about! Start having fun with our dog, leave behind misunderstandings, difficult situations or even conflict between you.

But it is no good to play in any way, it is important to follow minimum standards so that the game does not become an obsession or a stressful moment.

If when thinking about how to play with my dog, the first thing that comes to mind is the ball ... this exercise will dislodge you.

First rule: put a command to start and the most important one to finish.

The fact of playing with us reinforces the basis of any training or rather, the relationship between you.

The relationship with your dog will mean success or not in your training. If the relationship with your dog is of affection, affection and respect. Without asking you, it will be close to you, because it WANTS to be with you!

Playing with your dog does not mean throwing the ball, but sharing a moment of joint fun.

You will wonder and then how I play with my dog ​​if not. The most important thing is that the game means being with us, interacting with us and not throwing the ball away from us. There are exercises in competition that you need to reward away but in this challenge it will not be like that.

In this video I will show you one of the games I practice with my dogs.

Each dog is a world, so above all respect the rhythm of yours. Remember that it has to be fun for both of us!


Play with your dog 5 times a day for 3 minutes. Try to do it in different places, start at home and gradually complicate the situation. Above all, be careful if there are other dogs so that there are no conflicts over the toy or the moment of excitement while you are playing with your dog.